John 15:18-27 – Not of the world

John 15:18-27 — It seems, more so now than at any other time in our country’s history, that there is a spiritual war on believers. It’s certainly not to the level of countries like China, who jail Christians, but it has become the norm to openly oppose and attempt to persecute believers for their beliefs – labeling them as “intolerant” and “discriminatory.” The world seems intent on calling “evil good and good evil.” (Isaiah 5:20)

For my kids, who are growing up with this as the norm, there seems to be a certain resignation that this is how it is. For those of us that have witnessed this shift from a country with strong judeo-christian values to one that is openly hostile to our beliefs, we may be reeling.

But why are we surprised? Yeshua took the opportunity in today’s reading to warn us that we would face opposition. Our ways, our thinking, our values and moral code is not like the world. We are in direct opposition to their lifestyle and our testimony stands as a marker – a measuring stick that G-d holds up to expose the sin of the world. Our very lives should be a witness to G-d’s standards and a call to be set apart, standing in stark contrast to the ways of the world.

Not that we desire persecution, but is your life “different” enough that it draws opposition from those around you? Do your words and your ways look different than others? We have been called out to live, to act, to speak, and to think differently, so that our very presence is a witness to the transformative power of G-d. By seeing us, they should see Him.

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