John 14 – Yeshua’s peace

As Yeshua is ending his last meal with his disciples, he leaves them with his last words of comfort and reassurance of who he is, where he is going, and what he will do. (John 14)

These words, that make so much sense to us in hindsight, were incredibly cryptic to the men who sat around the table that night. They had spent years living 24/7 with their teacher and now he was talking about going somewhere? (John 14:3-7) They were confused and didn’t understand.

We can only surmise that in the days after Yeshua’s crucifixion, or even his ascension, that these words took on new meaning for them – just as they do for us. Faced with a new life – one that did not include their dynamic teacher and Messiah – the words of John 14:27 must have comforted them.

It is only the peace that is found in Messiah that can truly settle our spirits in times of trouble and distress. When faced with the overwhelming problems of this life, the only way to keep our heads above water is with the assurance of these words from Yeshua. His peace causes fear to flee.

If you’ve never experienced that sort of peace, I ask you to suspend your doubt. Place your anxiety at G-d’s feet (1 Peter 5:7) and ask him to give you his peace in return. (Phil. 4:7)

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