John 6 – More than enough

Much of this chapter (John 6) is centered on Yeshua’s declaration that he is the bread of life – and all the implications of that, but the specifics of the miracle at the heart of this lesson have great significance. In John 6:4-5 we are told that Yeshua performs this miracle right before Passover – a time when finding bread to feed thousands of people would be next to impossible. Bakers were busy preparing matzah for the upcoming holiday.

One of the central themes of Passover, that we are reminded of throughout our observance of the feast of matzah, is that G-d provided for the Israelites on a daily basis with manna. (Ex 16:14-35) They were allowed enough to satisfy their daily needs and there was no excess. In John 6:13, Yeshua presents a clue to the difference between G-d’s provision of manna in the wilderness and what it means to eat of the bread of life. After feeding thousands of people with just a few loaves of bread and some fish, there were twelve baskets of bread left over.

When G-d provides for us, he doesn’t just satisfy the basic need, he provides more than necessary. If we are willing to receive, there is an abundance of blessings to be had – an abundance of mercy, an abundance of grace, an abundance of joy, an abundance of peace, an abundance of strength. He never comes up short. There is never “almost enough.” G-d will always supply the need with more to spare. Let this be a faithstone that you cling to. When you are in a season of need – be prepared – He is waiting with more than enough for you!

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