John 3 – The bronze serpent

In Parasha Chukat (Num 21:4-9), we read the story of the bronze serpent. In our reading for today (John 3), Yeshua reveals that the salvation of the ancient Israelites was a foreshadowing of His death and resurrection that would bring salvation from eternal death.

Friends, it is all connected! The story of our creation, sin, and G-d’s plan of redemption are beautifully woven throughout the Bible from Breishit through to Revelation. As we continue this journey through the book of John, look for those markers and connections along the way – times where John specifically refers back to the Tanakh – to connect the unfolding story of the Messiah to the events and prophecies that came before. John’s book is all about revealing the deity of Yeshua and showing how he is the fulfillment of Messianic prophecy.

Just as G-d has expertly woven this thread for us, your very life has threads woven through it – ways in which G-d is creating connections and foreshadowing events that bring you back to Him and His plan for your life.

#redemption #salvation #bronzesnake #yeshua #messiah #chukat #hisstory #john #dailybiblereading #jewish

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