John 1 – In the beginning

In the beginning – the first words of Genesis 1:1. John echoes those words here. In the beginning was the Word. He makes it clear that Yeshua, the son of G-d, sent as the Messiah to be a living sacrifice for the sins of the people – He is G-d and was with G-d since before creation. This blows our mind, but it is so important to root ourselves in the Word, even when we cannot grasp every nuance. It is the very key to knowing the heart of G-d. As followers of Yeshua, the living Word, we must live as He lived, walk as He walked, love others as He loved. We can only do this if we know Him, and we can only truly know Him through the daily study of the Word. Any successful relationship requires you to get to know the other person, and a relationship with G-d is no different. By opening the pages of the Word we begin to understand the mind and heart of G-d towards us and the whole world and we can see people with the grace, love , and compassion that G-d has for us all. Will you join me today as we begin to read through the book of John, to know and understand the Word and the heart of G-d?

#john #dailybiblereading #inthebeginning #mashiach #messiah

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